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The Computational Semiotics Group is an international group of Computational Semioticians which started during a NIST-Conference in October 1998. Burckhard Rieger organized a special section for which he invited all the later members: Rodney Clarke (Wollongong, Australia) Gerd Döben-Henisch (Frankfurt, Germany), Ricardo Gudwin (Campinas, Brazil) Alexander Mehler (Trier, Germany), and Edwina Taborski (Toronto, Canada). During the conference there was also an encounter with Louwrence Erasmus (Pretoria, South Africa), who stayed also with the group.

During the following years more and more colleagues shared the group more or less informal.

The group has a loosely connection and is organizing several workshops, conferences, and books. The central idea is to think and realize the topic of Semiotics within the framework of computation.

There is a strong overlapping with the more recent group: Group for Research on Artificial Cognition (GRACo)

Some Workshops/ Conferences organized or shared by the Group/ Some publications of Gerd D-H.

Some more Information about Semiotics

AUTHOR: Gerd Döben-Henisch

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