Program Sources

The following sources are a selection from the set of programs used within the development of the script. The whole set of programs is available inside the project team from the subversion repository. But the sources in this appendix are sufficient to repeat all experiments described in this on-line script.

To repeat the experiments documented in this script you have (i) to download the scilab software from, (ii) install this software, and (iii) to start the program. A command-line-oriented window will appear. Then (iv) you should activate the editor from the menu-bar from your scilab-program. From this website you can (v) copy the source-code of the scilab programs and (vi) paste them in the editor. Then (vii) you can activate from within the editor to load this program into the main scilab-program, which functions as an interpreter of this program. Then (viii) you can switch back to the main scilab program and you can paste the different commands from this website into your scilab command-line.Finally (ix) you hit the enter key and the scilab program will execute these pasted commands and the screen should show all the data, which you can see on this website. If not, you made some mistake in the steps (i) - (ix). If you are student of my course or member of our international working group then you can get the software from our subversion repository at svn:// from the folder 'Wissen'. In this case you can also contribute to our software by coding your own scripts.

Gerd Doeben-Henisch 2013-01-14