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Qt Tutorial #1 - The 14 Steps

This tutorial gives an introduction to GUI programming using the Qt toolkit. It doesn't cover everything: the emphasis is on teaching the programming philosophy of GUI programming, and Qt's features are introduced as needed. Some commonly used features are never used in this tutorial.

Chapter one starts with a ten-line hello-world and each subsequent chapter introduces one or a few more concepts. By Chapter 14, the ten lines from Chapter 1 have turned into a 650-line game.

If you're completely new to Qt, please read How to Learn Qt if you haven't already done so.

Tutorial chapters:

  1. Hello, World!
  2. Calling it Quits
  3. Family Values
  4. Let There Be Widgets
  5. Building Blocks
  6. Building Blocks Galore!
  7. One Thing Leads to Another
  8. Preparing for Battle
  9. With Cannon You Can
  10. Smooth as Silk
  11. Giving It a Shot
  12. Hanging in the Air the Way Bricks Don't
  13. Game Over
  14. Facing the Wall

This little game doesn't look much like a modern GUI application. It uses a good few of the GUI techniques, but after you've worked through it, we recommend reading Tutorial #2. The second tutorial is a little more formal and covers the features of typical application including menubars, toolbars, loading and saving, dialogs, etc.

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