Sound Experiments - Phase 7/ Blues Adbentures

Phase 7: Blues Adventures

Finally I started to experiment with the phenomenon of 'Blues' ... I never could handle it until now, but since I started to play with the drums I found some tiny, little path to dig into the wonderful world what is called Blues. Somehow it is not defineable, it is incredibly rich with possible variants, nothing is the only truth, but if You here some musician who 'has it' (like Guy Davis live last sunday at the Blues morning in Dreieich), You hear and feel, yes this is it. Dont aks, listen :-)

OK, I am lightyears away from it, but it is a good feeling to approach in this direction. In what You can here below, these are all my experiments, starting with the first completely dummy versions, but nevertheless, these have been the first steps. This website is radically unplugged; You will hear everything, also the unability to do something... Allow to make weak things makes you stronger to go ahead...

  • First Dummy Blues(RUM 50%) Unplugged Version of my first Dummy Blues. As you can hear in the song I started with my drums, then I played a evry simple Bass (I am really not used to the bass, I have to exercie this a bit more), then I played with my acoustic Guitar and finally I talked directly in the microphone. Somehow it is the basic idea of a blues, my first one. I like to play around with this some time to learn more.

  • 2nd Dummy Blues - Dust of Evil - Angels nearby(RUM 50%) Unplugged Version of my 2nd Dummy Blues. The same procedure as before. The only difference is that I played some simple solo piece between the three verses. The guitar was tonight not my acoustic guitar but my eguitar.

  • 3rd Dummy Blues - Part of Philosophy-in-Concert No.3(RUM 50%) We needed a song in our performance, therefore I used the new ideas about Blues and compiled some background. (Here a recording of the live act during Philosophy-in-concrt No.3, 22.July 2017.

  • 4th Dummy Blues - Only a kind old man with black skin(RUM 100%) I started again with some drum playing. Then I added a simple bass, then a similar simple acoustic guitar playing chords, then the same acoustic guitar with other chords used metal picks with my fingers. Finaly I talked into the mic spontaneously; no concept, no exercise, radically unplugged.

  • 5th Dummy Blues - I know and I don't know(RUM 100%) First Drums, then eBass, then acoutic guitar with some chords, then acoustic guitar with some melody, and then a voic with a text (an idea from some weeks ago).